About Us

Dear customer ...

What you see now is what we have been able to reach through more than a quarter of a century of practical and technical experiences. This is a brief overview of us and our products that we manufacture and we hope to satisfy you, hoping that we will reach through it to the best service that meets your needs and requirements.

Rumaih Furniture...

Rumaih Furniture has accompanied its client since the beginning of 1994 and has specialized since that time in the wood industries in all its shapes, colors and tastes, using the best human resources and technical expertise. During this time, the company worked to prove its independent presence in all markets and specialized forums and was able to This is reinforced by its commitment to its principles, its credibility, its continuous renewal of its products and the quality of its work, as well as its customer service.

And it is still working continuously on excellence and renewal so that it can satisfy you, dear customer.

Our Principles

The customer’s trust and satisfaction is something that deserves to be sacrificed for and preserved. In order for this effort to be fruitful, it is necessary to search because researchers are the ones who find, and research is a war between self and thought, and only the brave and between courage and recklessness leads knowledge, and we possess knowledge.

Our message

The satisfaction of our customers is the essence of our mission that we seek by providing our products with the best quality and highest efficiency through innovation and renewal to contribute to the development of the wood industries sector

Our Vision

To be one of the most important pioneers of specialized and different wood industries for both the local market and Africa through development, planning and excellence

Our Partners